Monday, February 11, 2013

Training Begins

I did it, I actually signed up for the Great Ireland Run in April. I had been putting off signing up for some reason. I have done 10k runs before but there was something about this one. So I bit the bullet and signed up, once my name is down there is no backing out. A big group of my friends have signed up too and that may have been what was stopping me signing up - the fear of coming last. Technically we are not in competition with each other, but I imagine they are all a lot fitter than me (I know for a fact for most of them actually) and I am fiercely competitive and hate being last at anything.

So there is not long to go for this one. I know from previous runs that adrenaline on the day carries me much further than I ca go in any training session but I am really going to try to push the boat out a bit this time with my training. I had to start somewhere and I decided Sunday was it. I woke up and of course it was miserable out and raining - just my luck. I did know however that if I didn't go then, it could be a while before I started. So I put on my running gear and braved the elements.

Runkeeper is a great app for anyone with an iphone - it uses GPS to track your route and pace. If you enter your weight it will give you an estimate of the calories burned too. Here are my results from my first attempt. I know it doesn't seem too great, but with mitigating factors including the weather, the fact I accidentally chose a route that took me up a pretty steep hill and it was my first run in about 9 months - I was pretty proud of my results.

 I am staying at my parents house on friday night to look after their dogs and they have a running track near their house so I am going to try and do at least 5k on Saturday morning. Keeping focused on getting into shape. If I can get my fitness up for April then its plain sailing for the mini marathon in June. 

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