Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Week of Maintenance!!

Life can be overwhelming sometimes and it can be hard to keep your head in the gain when dealing with things. I was on a high last week after reaching my goal weight and while a certain amount of happiness stayed with me for the week - life most certainly got in the way. To start off I am having a hard time at work right now. I won't go into details but things have just not been going my way and it seems to be bad news followed by bad news - stress levels in the office are running high with everyone which isn't helping things either. As a result I am working late and starting early and leaving little enough time to plan. Then over the weekend we had a bit of an incident at home on Sunday morning, again I won't go into details but what followed was a very stress filled day, a trip to the doctor and lots of worry with a sleepless night on Sunday and a lot of the wrong types of food all week.

Now it wasn't all bad. Valentines day was amazing. My wonderful boyfriend treated me like a princess - got me a very healthy but delicious dinner of sushi and made me chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of wine. He also got amazing billionaire caramel desserts from M&S (11propoints but well worth it for a treat). The on saturday night we had a lovely evening out with cocktails and a 5 course tasting menu and wine.

So between the downs and the treats I was way off kilter this week and I hadn't tracked anything since wednesday. I was sure I was going to gain but had no idea how much. On top of that my TOTM arrived today which usually means a bad result. But of course my body hasn't been able to tell left from right of late and up on the scales I got and there it was right in front of me the 0 I used to hate to see. It was wonderful. My extra exercise this week may have helped and also maybe what I now think a bad day is actually way better than it used to be so already limiting damage.  Also al the food this week has made me feel rubbish. My skin is in bits, I am tired and bloated all the time and I am craving sugar. I have to change things around!

I have decided that this week no matter how bad things in work get I am going to take the time to look after myself and make sure I plan. We didn't go shopping this week so I have limited resources to work with but I can make this work. I want to start enjoying the extra food I am now legitimately allowed to eat. 

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