Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weigh In 34

No delays on posting this week! I did it, got my third stone and my 6th silver seven. Not only that but I lost a whopping 3lbs this week which brings me 2lbs over my stone - 44lbs in total. I knew I had done well this week, was going for the pound and hoping for maybe 2.
So I am over the moon with 3.

Holiday time in less than a week and my plan of action on how to minimise damage. 

  • Holiday starts on sunday, and not 1 second before. So sticking to my 26 per day until then.
  • Fruit for breakfast, salads for lunch
  • Lots of walking, cycling and swimming - sights to see and tan to get
  • Wear my bikini as much as possible - will be super aware of my body and notice if things get out of control
  • Remember for dinner, the nicest thing on the menu is not always the thing that comes with chips/cheese/loads of creme sauce
  • Right on the ocean so lots and lots of fresh fish
  • I don't need dessert every night, would rather the extra wine
  • LOADS of water
  • Back on track the second the plane touches down
Still going to go and enjoy myself, have the wine and the cocktails (strawberry daiquiris are only 4pp - im sure that includes fishbowl sized ones ha) but I do not want to undo all the hard work I have put in up to now. So having a splurge but staying within reason!!

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