Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sun, Sea Sand and Food!!

So I'm home!! Not jumping straight into the negative, firstly all the positives of my week away - weight and not weight related. Had the most relaxing week. Mornings lazing by the pool, afternoon lunches and drinks, adventures on the quad bike, mini golf,  dinners out and more drinks. The weather was fab all week and I felt mostly fine in my bikinis and shorts - was keeping a close eye on my figure all week, glued to the mirror like a mad thing.
(My boyfriend has commented how much i 'check myself out' while losing weight, though more like checking to make sure its real, though I think everyone else might think I'm mad). I went through all my summer clothes and found some other things that I didn't think would fit me yet that do, and I'm happy to say they still fit me now. I feel relaxed and happy after the holiday and a lot of that was helped by the fact that I didn't have to feel self conscious about how I looked all week which is great.

Now for the aftermath. While I didn't point and track everything, during the holiday I didn't make the worst choices food wise. I had a couple of bold treats (choc and coconut crepe springs to mind - totally worth it) but for the most part I did not choose the fried fatty options. Lots of salads, fish and fruit. My problem I think lay in the alcohol. I got fed up of diet coke pretty quick and that was the only diet drink that seemed to be available, I drank beer or fruity sugary cocktails instead. There is nothing like beer on a hot day - and cocktails and holidays do go hand in hand!! And to make matters worse I have not jumped back on track today. Which is not helping.

So how do I get past this and not ruin my efforts so far. First step is going to my WI tomorrow and facing the music. Whether its 1lb up or 7lbs up the sooner I know the better, and the sooner I can get focused on getting it back down the better. Second step is to reorganize. I did so badly today because there was no food in the house. And I went shopping without a list and didn't get anything I really needed. So tomorrow I plan my week and write my list. Step 3 is get myself out walking as much as possible. Dust off my zumba game and my stepper and be as active as I can this week. And the final step is to take a week off the drink. Give myself a boost/detox to really push me back on track. I'll be back tomorrow to share my shame!!

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