Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weigh In 31

After last weeks disaster of a weigh in, I was determined this week to get those 2lbs back down. So I decided despite the bank holiday weekend it would be a booze free week for me. I like to do this for a boost. So I stuck to my dailies, still used weeklies for treats - had a bit more chocolate than usual this week which I was a bit nervous about, but still optimistic as I had 20 weeklies left over when I got to weigh in. Trust me all day today to feel bloated and like I weighed 20 stone so I was my usual bag of nerves heading up to the scales. Got a few nice compliments from some of the members of my class when I got in so that gave me a bit of a boost. And what do you know, I was down a whopping 3.5lbs. Delighted is an understatement. It brings my total lose to 41lbs, just one pound off my third stone and have now lost over 20% of my original weight.

Am starting my new job on Thursday and have so much more confidence now than if I was starting 8 months ago. And I really think that confidence helped me get the job - you carry yourself better when you feel good about yourself. And if you can present a positive image of yourself then it is easier for people to see the positives in you.

Here is a chart of my progress over the past 7 months. Only 2 blips on it which I am pretty proud of and seeing it in chart form really just spurs me on to get the last 18.5lbs down.

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