Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: October Week 2

I had a really busy week last week in work and was home late most evenings, and instead of trying to stress myself out about getting a blog post out I just decided to skip the week blogging. I have not however missed a weigh in. After my first great loss of 4lbs, the following week I gained 1lb. I'm not sure why as I had tracked everything and had felt like I'd had a really good week. I had decided to not dwell too much on it, it may have been the big loss the week before balancing out and I decided to look at it as 3lb loss over 2 weeks instead of focusing on the gain. 

That weekend however I went a bit mental. I'd had a stressful week in work and so on the Friday night we decided to get out for dinner and drinks after work. Ate and drank way more than I should have. Woke up on Saturday and ate very well all day as I had a planned night out with the girls on the cards. I had already obliterated my weeklies the night before and so I did my best to limit the dailies I have and not have any post drinking food on the way home. That all went to plan until, but then Sunday hit and I was tired and hungover and just seemed to say yes to everything. Big turkey coleslaw sandwich and crisps for lunch. Grazing on snacks throughout the day and then rack of lamb with all the trimmings for dinner. 

Woke up on Monday morning and I was ready to go. I planned to get out running each day last week to try and do some damage control and kept well within my dailies all week. I was hoping to manage a STS at last Thursdays weigh in and I was delighted to have lost 1.5lbs. I think I managed that in part due to the unexpected gain the week before, and the fact I had 4 perfect days in the run up to weigh in. 

This week I am a bit all over the place. I went over my weeklies a little bit last night when I had my parents over for dinner, but nowhere near to the extent as I did the week before. I am hoping to be able to pull it back again this week and get out to do some more running. I have to travel for work on Wednesday which always makes it a little more difficult to stay on plan, but I am staying positive that I can manage things ok. I have my meal plan and I am hoping to stick to it. Slowly but surely as they say! 

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