Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: Feb Week 1

I've now had 3 weigh ins since starting Flex, and I am the exact same weight I was when I went back to class in January. So my January loss is a big fat 0!! I am disappointed, but I am not defeated. I am not sure about anyone else, but I have found since I hit 30 the weight is just sticking to me. It's been getting gradually worse each year but I find it so much harder at the moment to shift those last few pounds. Not only that buy my monthly cycle affects me so much more than it ever had. All of last year I would have 2 weigh ins per month where if I followed the plan 100% I would be lucky with a STS, any sort of stray and I would be up instantly. On top of that, I am retaining water to beat the band those 2 weeks and am so bloated.

That left 2 weigh ins that would reflect some sort of normality. It also meant that even when maintaining there was no wiggle room in the plan, before if I would get away with a treat day plus a little bit of relaxed tracking at the weekend and still manage to maintain. Now I find I just need to look at food and the scales jump up. So far the 3 weigh ins I have had post flex were 1 'normal' week where I lost, a 'hormonal week' not the best description but only one I can think of) where I went off plan at the weekend and gained plus a 'hormonal week' where I was on plan and STS.

I am 9lbs above goal, and my BMI is outside a healthy range. In the grand scheme of things its not a huge amount of weight, but it is enough to knock my confidence and make my clothes tighter on me. I've spent the past couple of years struggling with how much of my weight loss is fueled by vanity and body image issues and its really coming to a bit of a head now. I have a couple of posts planned to delve into this a little bit deeper in the next month or so, but its really at the forefront of my mind now.

Since I would rather track my overall loss & success over a longer period than a few weeks I am persevering with Flex. I do think it is a great program but it does require you to think a bit more and plan what you are eating more. I never liked the No Count plan - I like things like cheese, sauces and little extras too much which decimate my weeklies making it unsustainable. I also have a problem with the eating until 'satisfied'. No matter what I try, my gauge for this is all over the place. The think I like about flex it is a bit of a happy medium. Yes you have less 0 SmartPoint foods than on No Count, but with 23 dailies and a bit of thought you can still work in all the No Count foods that are still counted (like beef and pork), have your extras like cheese or avocado and still keep the weeklies in tact or even have more weeklies with the rollovers. I know its not for everyone, SmartPoints wasn't for everyone, ProPoints wasn't for everyone, Slimming World isn't for everyone. No matter what you try, I think its important you take the time to understand how the plans can work best for you and commit to it. And if its not working then reassess and find what works for you.

Not as organised as I would like this week, so been sticking with salads for lunch. I have some leftovers from tonights dinner to give me something warm for the next 2 days and since I am out for dinner on Friday night, trying to use very little SmartPoints for lunch on Friday will help. I will be making a batch of soup this weekend for next week though. Revisiting a few tried and tested recipes this week and have a few new recipes to post up too. Keep an eye out!

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