Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: February Week 2

Finally last week the scales started to catch up with me and I lost 1.5lbs. Still 7.5lbs above goal but starting the feel a bit better about it. We went out for dinner with my parents on Friday night and while trying on different outfits the night before I had lost the self consciousness I'd been feeling the past few weeks. My bloating seemed to have gone right down and starting to feel like it was my body again. 

Overindulged a bit on Friday night, but had nothing else on for the weekend so no reason not use up all the weeklies and I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a bit hungover. I had a healthy breakfast but started to slip a bit through the day and had a blueberry muffin. There was takeaway ordered to the house that night, but I decided against it and stuck to a healthyish pasta dish - all good so far. Then I woke up on Sunday still feeling pretty awful. I tried to convince myself it was just a hangover in my 30's lasting 2 days and go on with  my day but the nausea just got worse as the day went on. And not only was I nauseous, I was hungry too. So I ate a fair amount of plain carbs thinking it was the best thing for my stomach and sat around feeling sorry for myself. I added up everything I ate and was 9 SmartPoints over my allowance, but it could have been a lot worse. 

So all in all not the best weekend. I woke up again this morning feeling fairly rotten but determined to feed the illness with healthy food. I have stuck to my meal plan all day and will be making up for my lost runs tomorrow morning. I feel a bit better tonight so no reason not to hit to road in the morning. I'm not 100% but it is just my stomach at this stage.

This week can be a tricky week for weight watchers, tomorrow is pancake tuesday and wednesday is Valentines. To be honest I can take or leave the pancakes this year. I know if we make any I will end up binging on them, so I would rather just skip it. I don't think I'll miss it or regret my choice. The one problem will be work will have pancakes so I am just going to have to avoid the canteen until they are all gone. I am pretty sure I am fully booked for meetings during that time so it won't be too big a problem. Myself and the other half also decided to postpone out Valentines celebrations to the weekend. I don't really like to drink midweek, and I with weigh in looming on Thursday I know I wouldn't enjoy it. With no work to worry about the next day, Friday will be a much better day to celebrate. I picked up the M&S Valentines dine in for 2 meal today to have and worked out all the SmartPoints, so I all my weeklies will be going on Friday night. I have the girls coming up for dinner but I have planned a little weight watcher friendly indian feast making full advantage of all the new 0 SmartPoints pulses & spices - lentil dahl, chana masala, butternut squash saag aloo, vegetable jalfrezi and some tandoori chicken skewers. I am feeling pretty confident. 

Would love to hear your tips on how you copes with weeks like this - 2 days known for the food indulgence in one week?

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