Monday, December 4, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: December Week 1

So last Tuesday I was convinced I would be up when it came to weigh in, but to my surprise I was down a pound this week. Obviously getting myself back on track first thing on Monday morning and upping my running did the trick, and managed to offset all the bad I did at the weekend. I will be surprised if I am as lucky this weekend, but I am hopeful for a STS. 

I started the week really well as I knew I had a lot on this weekend and it all kicked off for me Friday. We were having a lot of people over for dinner on Saturday night and had scheduled to collect furniture on Saturday morning, so straight after work on Friday we had to get the grocery shopping done and make some lasagna's ready to go into the oven on Saturday. I also decided I wanted to get my tree up (because there wasn't enough to do that night). I still managed to get to bed with 3 SmartPoints left for the day, though I think that may have been because I was just too busy to eat.

Saturday morning was an early start and I just had time to grab a banana before we hit the road and so by 10am I was starving. Himself decided to stop in a garage to get a breakfast sandwich, and I was tempted to join him but looking at all the greasy deli food I snapped myself out of it and waited the 5 minutes to get home and throw some eggs in the microwave to have a healthy low SmartPoint breakfast instead. I had made my usual Lasagne recipe so I knew that there was 13 SmartPoints in my portion, but I did have some nibbles, garlic bread and dessert and wine - so I am sure my weeklies were pretty much obliterated, which would usually be fine if the events weren't continuing for the weekend. 

A few months ago my mum, sister and I got ourselves some vouchers for a spa day in Mount Wolseley and decided to add on a night in the hotel with a 3 course dinner to it. I managed to get up and have myself a healthy brunch to keep me going until dinner and off we went. That night I enjoyed my 3 courses and a few drinks and nibbles in the bar. But this morning myself and my sister were up early and to the hotel gym to try and get some damage control in. I also opted for the healthiest breakfast I could get in the hotel, a ham and mushroom omelette (no cheese) with some baked beans and fruit. We had a lovely morning in the spa and left feeling very relaxed with just enough time left to enjoy our afternoon tea before hitting the road. So I have definitely gone way over my weekly SmartPoints but instead of writing off the whole weekend, I have made good choices where I could and enjoyed my treats. I will be having a very light dinner tonight and back to normal tomorrow and hoping I've done enough for a STS this week, but if not it won't be the end of the world. 

This weekend I have my work Christmas Party, and so Sunday hangover will be a real challenge. So i have between now and then to make a plan! 

I had to do my meal plan in a bit of a rush this week, so I looked to Skinny Kitchen Secrets for some new inspriation and took 2 recipes from her site to try. So many lovely recipes over there, I'll be back in the near future to try some more. Hope everyone has a lovely week and the season of fun has kicked in for all. 

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