Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: November Week 5

Last week I was up half a pound. Even though I knew I had oversnacked on Sunday, I really was hoping I had done enough to pull myself back. I know a lot of people can get away with an 80/20 attitude and still see losses, but I really can't. I can just about get away with having a night off pointing and see a small loss if I am 100% on plan the rest of the week. I find with every year older I get, the more difficult it is to maintain and the less I seem to be able to eat. 

You think I would have learned my lesson last week, and I had started out great. Woke up Saturday morning and had a healthy breakfast, went for a run and drank lots of water through the day. It was my sisters 30th that night, so I kept the rest of my dailies and all of my weeklies and went for a proper night out. It was great, I managed to not overdo it on the food, drank plenty but danced loads to try and build up some fit points. The problem was the following morning when the hangover kicked in. I hadn't time on Saturday to get the shopping in, so had very little food in. Just bread, cheese, butter, crisps and chocolate. I did my best to resist and had great plans to get the shopping done and make a healthy dinner but I grazed throughout the day and as soon as himself suggested a takeaway I was all over it. I did go for Camile and get one of their healthy mains, but the half portion of chicken wings to start probably negated that choice.

So here I am on Tuesday, feeling pretty disappointed in myself. Despite the fact the hangover carried over to Monday (hangovers in your 30's are always 2 day affairs), I managed to get a simple meal plan thrown together and got my shopping done after work. I got some quick lunches prepped for the rest of the while making dinner and was so grateful for the stockpile of soups I'd been keeping in the freezer for just such an occasion. I know I am not going to get away with this on the scales this week and I will be moving further away from getting back to my goal weight for Christmas, was 6lbs away at last weigh in with  just 4 more to go. This weekend is not going to be much easier as I am hosting a family dinner on Saturday where I will be drinking wine (but going to make a WW friendly main and try and stay away from dessert) and off for a Spa night away with my mum and sister which includes a 3 course meal and more wine on Sunday as well as afternoon tea on Monday. 

I will be doing my best over the next few weeks, but to be honest at this stage I would be happy to just to get back into the 5lb range of my goal weigh in time for Christmas, as I think it may be unrealistic to lose the 6lbs in 4 weeks with everything I have going on. 

Very simple meal plan this week. No time to flip through the recipe books so I went with the easiest things I could thing of. I have a couple of late nights this week so its all quite quick to throw together. 

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  1. Just remember to alternate one alcoholic drink and then one drink of water. Add some other non-alcoholic drinks into the schedule where possible. Your friends will still be your friends. Your smile will still be your smile. If anyone says anything nasty, and they shouldn't, tell them you are in training for a race.