Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan: April Week 4

April is nearly at an end, is it just me or is the year flying by? I haven't been to weigh in for a couple of weeks but I feel like I am in the zone and finding the balance. Since I skipped last weeks weigh in, I didn't feel like there was an 'end' to the week. I had gotten into the habit of having an uncounted treat after weigh in, and so everything I have eaten has been tracked. 

I had one of my most active weekends in a long time this weekend and I felt great this morning. Despite the fact I didn't get too much sleep at the weekend, I woke up energised and didn't get the usual 3pm slump in work. I started my Saturday with a short little 3.2km run and then headed out in the afternoon to meet my friends and do the Bray to Greystones cliff walk. Getting out with friends is such a lovely way to get some activity in, the time flies when you are catching up. If you've never done it and get a chance to this summer, definitely head out to Bray and do the walk. It works out at about 7km and there are so many spots in Greystones where you can have a well deserved coffee or healthy lunch afterwards. 

Sunday was the Virgin Media Night Run. After missing out on the Great Ireland run a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to find a replacement to do before the end of the month. This was my 3rd race of the year and while I didn't didn't set a new PB I was delighted with the time. I am still regaining my fitness after my injury and I found most of my runs last week a bit of a struggle. The atmosphere of a race really can be something special, and can really carry you a lot further than any training run can. I got a lovely new bit of bling to add to my collection, and I am already looking for a race to fill my May slot! 

I did have a bit of a treat at the weekend, used up my weeklies on a well deserved Indian takeaway and some chocolate on Saturday evening. I went with a tomato based sauce and only ate about half the portion of it and less than half the rice. I did have a full plain naan bread, a samosa and some poppadoms but I am sure I was covered by my weeklies and the rest of my dailies, and if not there were plenty of fitpoints earned at the weekend. 

I am still collecting the recipes to post, there will be one coming later in the week. I have been sticking to my no chocolate mid week rule and it's really helped me stay focused. Am really hoping to end April on a high!! 

Recipe for my Roast Cherry Tomato Risotto from the meal plan can be found here!

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