Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan April Week 3

Last week was a really manic week so I skipped weigh in. I was on plan all week and I had a sneaky look at the scales at home and I know things are fine. I started out on Friday with a plan for how I was going to handle the Bank Holiday weekend. Easter is tricky for me because we have to divide our time between both families so 2 big dinners with dessert is on the menu. My plan was to keep all my weeklies, be the designated driver so I didn't have to spend any smartpoints on alcohol and have very low breakfasts filled with fruit. 

Of course I fell at the first hurdle and gave into a croissant in work on Friday morning, but I tracked it and moved on. I ended up using 8 weeklies on Friday but I didn't completely lose the run of myself. Saturday I stuck to my dailies and Sunday I kept the plan and used half of the weeklies I had left. So I was in good shape coming into Monday. I even woke up early and made a weight watcher friendly dessert to bring to my parents. Unfortunately something changed on the drive over there and I ended up starting off by tucking into the guacamole, hummus and crisps over a few board games before dinner. Dinner was pretty healthy but by the time dessert came around my sister had made a mint aero cheesecake. Everyone did have a slice of the cake I bought, but we all (me included) had cheesecake too! So I just had to write yesterday off and start again fresh this morning. 

I have loads on this week so I most likely won't be making weigh in on Thursday again. And after a bad week its not ideal not to go with weigh in, I am sticking to my meal plan on the week and not using the lack of weigh in as an excuse to run amok with my food. I have a 10km run to do on Sunday night and no big plans for the weekend. I should be able to well make up for yesterday by the time next weeks weigh in comes around. 

Trying a few new recipes for this week as well as a few from the archives (links below). I do have a busy week but I will be doing my best to get another recipe posted as I have a few waiting to go up! Hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend, whether you stayed full on plan, had a complete blow out or ended up somewhere in between! 

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