Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: October Week 3

Despite my best efforts, last week ended up being a disaster! I had a great weekend, and was ready to do my very best on my business trip - but I ended up having no options open to me. I left my house at 4:30am to head to the airport, and so my morning was fuelled mostly on coffee as it was just too early to eat. So by the time lunch time came around I was starving and dug into the sandwich platters that were on offer. I had no idea when we would make it back to the hotel for dinner and there wasn't anything else to eat there so I went with what was available. By the time we got back to the hotel that night I was like a zombie and all I could do was head to my room and order room service - and of course the menu was limited to sandwiches, burger or fish and chips. The next day I started out promising - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, but once again gave into the sandwich platters and by the time I got home that night I just ate whatever was in front of me. 

I woke up the next morning with no energy and so did not get back on track - I ate whatever was there. So of course I was not surprised that I was up half a pound at weigh in that night, if I am being honest I was surprised it wasn't more. However I am now a little concerned that my bad week is following me. I got back on track on Friday, I did go over my weeklies a little on Saturday but it was all tracked and I am sure I have built up more than enough fitpoints to cover the discrepancy - but I still feel bloated and heavy and would not be surprised if I saw another gain on Thursday. I'll take whatever the scales has to give me and just keep working away at it. 

Bank Holiday is coming up, and they are always tough to deal with. I have the MoRun the following weekend so I plan to take it easy drink wise this weekend and hopefully make my weeklies last more than one day. I am once again out of the office this week as I am on a course, and I discovered today there are no healthy lunch options to be found on or near the location so I improvised today with a very pricy and boring sandwich and will be bringing a packed lunch for the rest of the week. So no matter what the scales says on Thursday I will be sticking to and trusting in the plan!

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