Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: October Week 2

I have a confession, I have been kidding not only myself, but all my readers for the past few months. I told myself I stopped going to my Tuesday weigh in because work was too busy and I couldn't spare the time, when that was not the truth. I told myself as long as I kept up the Saturday weigh in's and the results there were ok I would be fine. The reality was that I stopped going to my Tuesday weigh in's because it was too close to the weekend, and I really couldn't get away with going mental at the weekend and not have it show on a Tuesday. My saturday weigh in was ok because it was before the carnage usually started. I also was weighing myself before any real food and after my run, with no clothes on - so really it was the lowest weight I could possibly be and not realistically a reflection of where I was at when I reached goal 3.5 years ago. I'd also given up tracking SmartPoints properly, I was tracking calories and working out the SmartPoints in my meals but I have definitely been eating far too many treats as they were within my calorie allowance for the day. 

So when my sister text me earlier last week and said she was thinking of switching over from Slimming World to Weight Watchers I jumped at the chance and said I would go to a class with her. So she found a class that seemed to suit us both and we were all set for Thursday evening and ready to go. I weighed in at 11 stone, 7lbs over my goal weight. I wasn't shocked, but I knew that meant I was going to have to pay for at least my next class until I could lose 2lbs and get back to within 5lb goal range. I stayed for the class and it was fantastic, full of tips and energy and it really motivated me to get myself back on track in a real way. So I bought myself a shiny new journal and left feeling inspired about the week ahead of me. Having my sister there too has been great, she is constantly texting me looking for tips and advice and I remember how exciting it is learning everything again. Its keeping weight watchers right at the front on my mind. 

When I went to the class I thought I was going to keep my Saturday as my official weigh in, but all that would do is encourage me to have a mad one on a Saturday night and go back to the cycle of losing the plot for the weekend. So my official weigh in has moved to Thursday and I will be tracking everything all weekend. No more putting the tracker away for the weekend and starting again on Monday. My journal will be filled in for every single day, and I will be doing everything I can for the next 10 weeks to be awesome. 

Lesson has been learned, even after you get to goal - you need your meetings! 

So my meal plan is done, and I will be sticking to it religiously. I didn't get a chance to meal prep this weekend so my lunches were planned on the fly in the supermarket today, but it all adds up and I am already feeling good about my weigh in on Thursday.

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