Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: October Week 3

Last week I got back to weight watchers in a big way. I filled out my journal every day and tracked every mouthful. I forgot about adding up in my head and tracking my calories/macros and went back to what I know works for me. Still its always much more nerve wracking getting weighed by somebody else, so I was pretty scared getting up on the scales. There was no need as I was down 2.5lbs which is a big loss considering I had only been 7lbs above goal. Out leader handed us all little Christmas Trees and told us there was 10 weigh ins until Xmas (including that one) and she wanted us to challenge ourselves to what we wanted to lose in those 10 weeks. Each week we would get little jewels to decorate our tree depending on what we lost! I love a good countdown challenge and I have set myself a goal of 7lbs so that I can be back at goal by Xmas. One great thing our leader did say was to be honest with what you think you can achieve. Think ahead to all the social events and things that will come up between now and Christmas and set yourself a realistic goal. So for me 7lbs is realistic, not a loss every week, but enough to have me happy and comfortable again. 

I didn't weigh myself on Saturday morning and I have been actively avoiding my bathroom scales. I had really got into the habit of checking it daily and for now I just want to rely on the scales in my meeting. If I have to miss a meeting, I'll allow myself to weigh in at home on a Thursday evening only, but it won't be a constant check point for me throughout the week. 

I have a really tough week ahead of me. I had a girls night on Saturday and all of my weeklies were used up on that, which wouldn't usually be a problem. The issue is I am heading to the UK tomorrow overnight for work. It involves a 2 day workshop/meeting which means food will be out of my hands for the most part. I am hoping there will be decent options in the hotel for dinner/breakfast to keep things easy. I'm going to bring some protein bars with me and if worst comes to the worst I can fill up on those. Early flight tomorrow so I am going to head off to get organised, wish me luck!

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