Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In August Week 3

I'm so sorry I have been really bad at blogging. I do make sure I have time for my meal plan post every week, but apart from that the days of the week just seem to get away from me. I have a few posts planned, its just about finding time. I have been working on a big project in work with a tight deadline and its just coming to the end now which hopefully will mean I won't be quite as exhausted in the evenings. The madness at work has also led to a little bit of relaxtion of my diet. I haven't been going mad, but I know I have been having too many snacks during the day and no tracking every single thing I am eating. I did manage to lose 1lb this week, but I'm feeling very bloated and lethargic and I know if I don't tighten up on it then I am on a slippery slope. I'm starting my new training plan tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. 

I did do something this week that I definitely do not think I would have done before I lost the weight. I went on an adventure day at Kippure Estate which included abseiling and 'rock' climbing. Not only am I absolutely terrified of heights, there is no way I would have trusted the ropes (or the person at the other ends of the ropes) could have supported my weight and wouldn't have even attempted it. I went out of my comfort zone on Saturday and did 2 out of the 3 challenges (the Leap of Faith was a step too far). I was petrified the whole time, and the only time I made it to the top of the climbing wall was when I was hoisted up (the instructor was trying to ensure I beat Conor to the top), but I still did it. And I am proud of myself.

Meal plan is done for the week, I've hit up the recipe archives for a good few of my dinners this week. Links for all the recipes are below the plan! Here's to another great week! 

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