Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I don't know how I feel about resolutions, how often do we actually stick to them for the year. Usually we start out all gung ho and by the end of January things have fallen to the wayside. Now don't get me wrong, the idea behind resolutions is fantastic, but maybe we are too specific and too hard on ourselves. Last year I was very specific with my goals and I only stuck to 3 of them fully. The goals helped me focus a little on the year and the ones I didn't stick to 100%, I was always aiming for them. However instead of setting myself up for failure, I have decided this year to be a bit broader in my goals. 

I spent a lot of time this year just feeling tired, maybe it's because I am just getting older but I think I need to start really looking after myself, both mentally and physically. None of my goals are weight loss specific. They are all geared towards doing things that will make me feel better and looking after my weight is part and parcel of that. 

To kick start the year, I plan on doing a bit of a detox. I will be giving up chocolate and alcohol for January (apart from my friends Hen Party & New Years Day). I am looking forward to getting stuck in with the new Smart Points program. I have been doing my reading on it and I think it's going to be really great. I'll be doing a full review of the program in a week, but it seems like its really geared at helping you think more about the choices you make towards food. It encourages clean healthy eating, and ensures that treats are treated as just that...treats. I know the propoints program allows me to eat far to much chocolate & sweet food and its something I need a bit of a push to combat. 

It will seem scary to some people, and its really going to make you change some attitudes towards food. I have been reading a lot of negatives online from the UK and I think its easy to see it as scary and bad, especially when you don't find it easy straight away. What we all need to remember is weight loss isn't easy. To be the healthiest you can be takes work, and some sacrifice. I'm not saying its going to suit everyone, sure there are some people out there still following the original points plan, but just give it a real change. I'd challenge you to give it 100% for one month, and if you still aren't convinced then go back to propoints or whatever has worked for you!

Christmas is nearly over (still have New Years to combat) and I have had a great time. Spent plenty of time with my family and friends. I have enjoyed my food and drink, and even though I know I should be back on track by now, I am not eating in the same way as I would have 5 years ago. I am only eating when I am hungry and stopping when full. Thinking a little more before I put something in my mouth and really savouring my treats. I had a sneaky peak at the scales and I have gained 3lbs. I will have that 3 lbs gone in the first 2 weeks of the year and hopefully another 4lbs gone by the end of February. My friends wedding in March 19th and I would like to be a couple of pounds under goal by the time it comes around.

So what are your resolutions/goals for the year?


  1. Those are really lovely resolutions :) I especially like the idea of being kinder to yourself !

    1. Thanks! i think being kinder to yourself is one we should all keep in mind!