Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Countdown: 3 Weeks to Go!

So two weeks into my Christmas calendar and I started out so well. I lost 1.8lbs at weigh in last week which was my best loss in ages. Last weekend was my most manic weekend and I enjoyed my treats and was ready to jump back on the wagon on Monday morning. There was only one problem, I was sick. I had been starting to come down with something last Friday and then by the time Monday hit I was feeling miserable. I was kind of hoping it was just a hangover from the weekend of drinking but it kept getting worse as the days went on.

Staying on track is so hard when you are feeling miserable. It takes so much energy to just get through the day trying to execute will power is a whole other battle. Despite the fact that I stopped tracking, which is the first step to disaster, I still managed to stay pretty mindful of my eating. Looking back and trying to mentally fill in the tracker I know I went over my points most days. What I didn't do was go mental. I only went over by a couple of points a day and it was usually just by having a treat in the evening even though all my points were used up, or throwing some full fat cheese on top of my dinner and not counting or weighing it. My main meals were all planned in advance and stuck to which I definitely think made a huge difference. Weigh in this morning was not the disaster it could have been, I managed to lose 0.2lbs. Its basically a STS but to be honest I am delighted with it and ready to keep going for the next 3 weeks. 

Another little NSV was the outfit I was able to wear for my Christmas Party. I know I have been at goal for nearly 3 years now, but I still get a good feeling when I can wear whatever I want. Having to dress up for a twenties themed party 4 years ago would have been a nightmare, but this year I could borrow a dress from one of my sisters friends knowing it would fit me. It's a constant reminder of one of the many reasons why I never want to go back to where I was 4 years ago.

Being sick last week did not help with my running and neither is the fact that Storm Bernard raging outside. I am hoping the wind dies down enough for me to head out for a short run tomorrow to try and get back into it. I really am missing it, although I know it will still be a struggle to get myself out the door whenever I do. I sometimes find it hard to reconcile how much I love running with how much i dread it before I actually start it. 

I also haven't tried any new recipes lately, so I really want to try something new this week to post up on the blog. I need a little inspiration, so if anyone has any suggestions of recipes they are looking to lighten up, please let me know! 

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