Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Less Than A Week to Go!

So I'm into the final week before the half marathon, I only have 5 days to go and I am actually feeling ok about it. I wish I knew the route a little as I am a bit terrified about how hilly its going to be, but I mean what is the worst that can happen? I am not going for a PB for this run, I just want to complete it.

I have dropped my distances a bit in the past 2 weeks, last week I missed a 4 mile run which really dropped the weekly distance but I am not going to stress about it. The plan for the rest of the week is 3 miles tomorrow, 5 miles on Thursday and 3 or 4 on Saturday. I have been working on my pace and its really been paying off. I managed a 9 min/mile pace over the weekend which is by far my fastest pace. I am slowing down again this week in preparation for the Half Marathon.

I am trying so hard to focus on my food as well this week but I am having a hungry week. Nothing seems to satisfy me at all! I have used up pretty much all my weeklies and I'm only just halfway through the week but I have the rest of the week all planned out. I think the midweek bank holiday threw me off a bit but I'm feeling ok about it all. I am building up activity points from my running which I have no intention on using. I have been toying around with giving filling and healthy a go again, so I may try that next week. I think I need a bit of a boost and to change things up a bit.

I have a few recipes to post and will try get one up before the end of the week, still mixing things up as much as possible when it comes to dinners which is good but keeping dinners all filling and healthy should mix things up even more!

And finally, I hope you all had a lovely Paddy's Day. And all those in Ireland took advantage of the midweek day off! 


  1. What HM are you doing Zoe? Best of luck with it :)

    1. Wicklow Gaol Half Marathon. Am hoping its not too hilly but I have a feeling it will be!