Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Keeping Things In Perspective

I've had a great week running! I doubled my distance for the first week of March and felt great doing it. My distance has been good and my times have been good. All good right? Well this morning I had a short run planned, 3 miles, so I decided I was going to push myself and go as fast as I could. I was hoping to log a fastest pace for the distance but it wasn't to be! I still clocked a pretty good time and pace but I was disappointed in myself and I posted my disappointment on Instagram.

Then along came one of my fantastic followers Laura to put things in perspective for me! She is right, around this time 3 years ago I attempted the Runamuck - a 5km obstacle race, and I couldn't even run a single kilometre. I ran 12 km on Saturday and I will be running my second half marathon in less than 2 weeks. Three years ago I would never have even considered 3miles a 'short' run, it would be a long run. My time may not be the best I have ever done, but it was the best I could do this morning. I need to know as long as I am giving 100% then the result is not important. This isn't an excuse to stop pushing myself, or aiming for better times, but more a reminder to keep looking at the bigger picture! 
Finishing the Runamuck 3 years ago, after walking most of the 5km & after my 12 mile (19km) run this weekend!


So the plan for this week is to cut back my distances a bit in the build up to race day! I won't be doing any more long runs, keeping it to 5 miles or less and just focusing on keeping my body in good shape. With the mornings getting brighter and warmer its a lot easier to motivate myself to get out there and get moving. If only the weather was like this all the time. I will also be focusing on my nutrition before the race. Slowly building up my carbs while still staying within my daily and weekly propoints. I need to keep myself fuelled but not eat more than I need. I usually favour low carb dinners in order to save a couple of propoints for a treat but after tonight I will be switching that up and ensuring I am eating enough real, fresh and nutrient dense foods. 

I'm trying not to let my nerves take over, but I am actually really looking forward to getting my second half marathon medal for my collection!

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