Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome to 2015!!

Its already January 6th, so I am a little late wishing you all a Happy New Year. I'd like to say I was really busy over Christmas which is the reason for my lack of posting, but the reality is I was really just enjoying doing nothing. I had a whole 10 days off work, and despite being busy until the 27th, I took things really easy after that. Things had been so crazy in work that I spent most of my days sleeping and just chilling out, and that included a fair amount of eating. I enjoyed everything I ate and I didn't go over the top too much. I had planned to do a lot of exercise over the break but that plan went totally out the window and while I did head out on Christmas morning for a run, I haven't been out since.

With all that in mind, how did I really get on over Christmas. I faced the scales on Sunday and I was up 4lbs. It seems like a lot but I am actually ok with it, I think it was what I deserved for the lack of exercise and how much I did indulge. I had great intentions on getting back on track first thing on Sunday, but I woke up with the worst hangover of my life and all I ate that day was dominos. Now I did track every single bite I took and pretty much wiped out all my weeklies, but at least I know I am back in the mindset of things. Another thing I woke up with on Sunday morning was a very sore ankle. I managed to somehow fall on Saturday night and any strain on my ankle it does not feel good, so that wipes out exercise for the week too. I may not lose that 4lbs this week, but if I keep on track with food I can def see a good loss this week.

Its a new year, and that means new goals. I've said it before but I need goals to keep my mind focused. There has to always be something to work towards. So here are my new goals for 2015!

  • Run at least 2 more half marathons! 
  • Run 3-4 times a week
  • Gym twice a week
  • Get back to my goal weight again (7lbs to go)
  • Post at least one new recipe every 2 weeks.
  • Plan my meals in advance.
  • Save more money (not weight loss related but a big goal for me)
  • Get better at my work/life/exercise balancing act

I've had some lovely dinners since New Years and it really has reminded me about how good eating healthy and on plan is. I used to take time every Sunday to go through my recipe books to either find a new recipe to try, or to find some inspiration for something I can create/modify to fit my propoints. Towards the end of this year dinners got boring: pork chops, stir fry, salmon, burgers or chilli - mostly just served with some mashed potatoes, actifry chips or rice. When you are bored of what you are eating, you crave something more exciting which is usually high calorie junk food. So the plan for this year is to keep things interesting! 

So my first post of 2015, goals are set! I have a feeling its going to be a great year! 


  1. Happy 2015 Zoe! Great goals there :) You'll def smash the two halfs. Which are you thinking?

    1. Happy 2015 John :) Just trying to pick which ones I want to do now! I want to do one around April/May and then another maybe around October again. If you have any suggestions of good ones to do let me know!!

  2. Happy new year :) Glad you enjoyed your break & sounds like your right back to it with a goal in mind :-) I hear you on the dinner front!! I defo need to get the recipe books out and make an effort

    1. Its so easy to get stuck in a rut dinner wise, I almost forget how much I love being in the kitchen so hopefully I'll stick with that one! Happy New Year to you too :)