Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mini Marathon 2014!

Yesterday was the big day, my 7th Mini Marathon! I got a pink number this year which put me in with the fast joggers and I was hoping that would mean I would get a good start. The weather looked perfect, it was overcast and dry and I was feeling good when I got up. I was awake far earlier than I needed to be and had a really relaxing morning chilling out and trying not to over think the run!

My pre run breakfast was a wholemeal bagel with peanut butter and banana. Everything you need to keep you going. I go mad for peanut butter and could probably eat a whole jar in one sitting, so I do have to be careful but this was perfect. I was meeting my friend in town at 12:30 so I got myself ready and left the apartment at about 12 and headed in. It was only then that I realised just what the weather was really like. It was dry and cloudy but it was so hot and humid. The air was just really heavy which was not great. There was still the pre run buzz around the place, I love the atmosphere at all of these events but I have to say the Mini Marathon every year is by far my favourite.

I met my friend and we headed straight over to the starting point. I would have to say my single complaint in the organisation is there was not enough portaloos around the place. We queued for ages and then once we got to the starting section there wasn't another one to use, we were in the starting section 45 minutes which was quite a wait. In saying this they were much stricter about who started where. I was so surprised how close the pink numbers were to the start point, so it was really exciting! They also changed the route this year and it was a much straighter route this year which I was really happy about. After a long 40 minutes waiting time we were off! I was quite conscious to try not to start to quickly and tire myself out that I think I did the opposite. The GPS was off on my runkeeper so I couldn't tell my pace for the first few km's which was off putting but I kept on going. The course change this year meant that we had to run past the UCD flyover and up to Fosters Ave for the turning point. It was 100% psychological but that little bit of N11 was the toughest part of the whole race. I felt like I should already be on my way back into the city once I hit the flyover so it was really tough having to pass it by! I really struggled through the last 4 km and had to really push myself to keep pace. I allowed myself to walk for a couple of meters while I drank some water just past the 7km point and also just after 8 when I grabbed a red bull where they were giving them out in Donnybrook but after that I kept powering on. 

The support out on the roadside is amazing, they seem the cheer and shout just when you need it (probably just in my head) and everyone around also helps keep you going. Just when we were about half a km from the end there was a women just ahead of me who started walking a a few people just pulled her on to keep going for the last few hundred meters. I don't think they knew her, but she had obviously worked hard throughout and just needed a little motivation to keep going. At this point I wasn't sure of the time, but I knew it was going to be a close call, so when I rounded the corner onto Fitzwilliam place and saw the clock had just ticked over the hour I gave it everything I had and sped up to cross the finish line. I knew I had crossed the start line over a minute after the race began and cross the finish line in less than 1hr 1minute so I was pretty sure I had just got my time but it was so close I just couldn't be sure. 

I tried not to dwell on the time and kept the positive thoughts in my head. Waited for my friends to finish and headed for a well deserved post race drink. I took the day off work so had planned dinner and cocktails with my boyfriend for a real post race celebration and after a brief power nap at home we headed out for tapas in the port house and then cocktails in the Vintage Cocktail Club (strangest place I have ever been for drinks) and The Liquor Rooms and am so glad I have today off. Was up super early against my will and after a little drama with my car and food shopping am finally relaxing on the couch! 

Official times are out and I am happy to say I have finally got a sub 60 minute 10k. Official time is 59 minutes 43 seconds, so I just scraped by, but I am still delighted! Goal one of this year is ticked off and next June I will get to start with a white number as a proper runner! Feeling more motivated than ever! 


  1. Great post Z.. well done on your time! x

  2. Well done Zoe! Marathon in October? :) Kinda surprised that Red Bull was given as a refreshment - not exactly a healthy boost of energy. Sub 60 is excellent!

    1. Half Marathon in October! Maybe Marathon this year, but at the moment thats just the stuff of dreams. The red bull wasn't a race official refreshment, it was given by red bull promoters. Though it did really help at the 7.5km point!

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