Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spring is Here.....

I hate the rain with a burning passion! Over the past week I have been soaked through going either to or from work every day but this evening was by far the worst! There is no worse feeling that being numb from the cold, and soaked to the skin....miserable is the only word for it! I came home in a bad mood and I was hungry, I had an idea what I wanted for dinner and so I rushed in the door in a panic - got changed and started running around the kitchen trying to get everything cooked all at once. Dinner turned out fine in the end but had I taken a few moments to get myself properly dry and warm then things would have gone a lot more smoothly.

Mood affects everything, and hunger affects mood! You need to be able to recognise triggers that would often lead you astray. I have been known to fall into the emotional eating trap and tonight could easily have been one of those nights. Walk in the door, order something and jump into the shower waiting for my delicious and calorie filled meal to arrive. Sure I would have felt great eating it, might even have improved my mood for the 10/15 minutes it'd take to wolf it down but sooner or later it would have just made me feel worse.

You see a planned treat is different to a spur of the moment "treat" like this. When you know in advance it can be justified. Treats like these are needed and should be guilt free. The problem that occurs when you don't plan these is you have nothing to keep away the guilt that you will inevitably feel. This guilt makes your mood and well being worse and before you know it you can be on a downward spiral without an end.

I didn't react to my bad mood well today, but at least I managed to keep myself on track. This may have been because the weekend was so disastrous! I stayed the same at weigh in on Saturday which was fine as I am still at goal but what happened later that night was not! I had friends for dinner and then headed off to a 30th, and as soon as I started eating that evening I was not able to stop until Monday morning. I was not even hungry at all on Sunday but I still steadily ate my hangover away!  I decided halfway through Sunday that I wasn't going to feel bad about it and I was going to get back on track the next day and I really think removing the 'guilt' factor is what saved me. I still felt horrible yesterday, bloated and full until dinner time! It was one of the worst binges I have had in a long time, including christmas, there was no rhyme or reason to my eating!

I have drawn a line under it and am back to simple start/filling and healthy and today I am feeling pretty good! The biggest mistake I made last week was not being organised. We had not done our food shopping on Saturday and so when I woke up on Sunday I could not make a nice healthy breakfast but just grazed through the day and got myself to the point where I said 'I may as well continue for the day'. I  have another 30th this weekend but I will be sure there are eggs, bacon medallions, beans and bagel slims in the fridge when I wake up for breakfast. I have also told my mother I am choosing the family dinner that night so I have all week to pick a nice Filling & Healthy recipe! I have just over a week until I am off to Edinburgh so my plan is to stay on track until then!

I have to just add how much I am still loving Simple Start/Filling and Healthy! I never would have thought it but I am into my 4th week now (SS during the week and propoints at the weekends for a bit of flexability!) and I have never felt better! I still love propoints but this really is a nice change and it most definitely works!! 

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