Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Minor Setback!

I started out last week very motivated and ready to get started with my training program. I went for my run on Sunday to test my fitness and I have to say I was a little disappointed in what I could do. I knew my fitness had slipped but I really didn't think it had slipped that far. It was like I felt every breath I took in my chest and it was worrying. I stuck it out though and I think it made me a little bit more determined to continue with my training.

However by tuesday morning I realised that the feeling I was getting was actually the flu hitting me. So the training came to a halt before it had even really begun! By Wednesday evening I was feeling more miserable than ever and had to take a day off work on Thursday. I think this was one of the worst doses of the flu I have had in years so it really knocked me for six. Not only that but I was also feeling guilty and nervous that I was losing a whole weeks worth of training when I have limited time to get ready.

I finally got myself over the flu and back on track and was ready for another run this evening. The weather has been so awful it was so tempting to just come home and get into my pj's and crash on the couch but I braved the elements (the rain had all but stopped by the time I got home luckily.). I am happy to report that the flu definitely affected my first run and while I still have some work to do I am not as unfit as I thought last week. I know have less than 4 weeks to really whip myself back into top shape for the race day.

What I did realise was that I need some winter running gear. I have never really run in winter before and my baggy, too big tracksuit bottoms are not working for me. I am going to go and treat myself to some proper winter running leggings and a longsleeved breathable running top.

So the big questions is who is in?? I am waiting for the event organise to confirm how many have actually signed up under team 59lbstogo, but I know I had around 7 or 8 people who were interested in singing up! There is no time limit though if people do want tshirts organised I need to know numbers sooner rather than later (I have not had the most overwhelming response to the t-shirt idea so I can always scrap that if people are not interested!)

I have also set up a fundraising page, so I would be very grateful for any donations! Movember does some fantastic fundraising for a really worthy cause each year and its nice as a mo-sista to be able to get really involved and contribute. http://ie.movember.com/mospace/6674301

Finally would love to hear how people are getting on with their own fitness challenges. Even if you are not joining in this run but have your own personal goals, would be great to get motivations from everywhere else!


  1. Is this going to be your first 10K? My biggest motivator has been tracking my times over time. Yes you won't beat it every time you run, but you'll learn what worked and what didnt work each time you run. Best of luck with it Zoe :)

  2. Not my first - its my 4th this year and about my 8th overall. I keep making the mistake of leaving too big a gap between them and I really need the motivation of a race to get me out on the roads. I did a few at the start of the year and really want to get it down to under 60 mins. My last one I did I got 61 mins! Just need to focus now!