Thursday, July 4, 2013

July is my favourite month!

I have been AWOL of late as things have been a little manic. Not only have I been neglectful of my blogging duties I have also been missing classes for the past few weeks. I did however pick myself up a shiny new scales so I have been keeping a close eye on my weight and things are most definitely under control. I have a rocky few weeks coming up, but its all good and exciting so it will be tough to stay on track but I'm focused and determined.

My first bit of news is that I got a new job!! Yay! It happened very very quickly to be honest and I am so happy about it. I gave my current job my very best but recruitment is just not the career for me. I am going back to what I know and what I have loved in the past and I cannot wait to get back into. My start date is not until the end of August so I have a bit of a wait which is killing me. There is nothing worse than working out a notice feels a bit like limbo. Only a few weeks to go though!

July also  means its my Birthday month! I tend to make a big deal out of my birthday. Last year I kept things quiet which is very unusual to me. This year is a bit of a different story. I am being whisked away on a romantic weekend to an unknown location next weekend. He has mentioned that weather permitting cycling is on the cards so I am hoping to rack up some activity points to offset the rest of the weekend!

The week after that I have my actually birthday dinner with my family, which will most likely be 3 courses with copius amounts of wine and then of course celebrations with my friends. It will be a tricky few weeks but I am so excited about it all!

Will hopefully be trying a few new recipes to help keep me on track and will try to post some soon. We are due a heat wave this weekend so make the best of it!

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