Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Venison Steaks with Red Wine & Redcurrant Sauce

A little bit of a fancy mid week dinner and something out of the ordinary - I had most of my daily propoints left for the day so I went all out. Venison might be a little pricy but it is so lean, you can tell just by looking at the steaks how little fat is on them, and it is very high in protein so really good for you. I think if you are going to have it, and the fact its so low (3pp for a 150g steak) I think its worth it to spend a few propoints on the sauce. You can serve the venison the same way you would beef steak, but I think the gameness needs something sweet with it. 

Servings: 2
Propoints per serving: 8
2 venison leg steaks (about 150g each)
1tsp butter
1tsp olive oil
125ml red wine
1 tbsp redcurrant jelly
1 tsp honey
1 bay leaf
Salt & pepper

Season the venison steaks with salt and pepper. Heat the oil and butter to a medium heat. As there is very little fat on these, they cook quite quickly. Depending on how you like your meat, cook according to the times here.

When they are cooked, transfer to some tin foil to rest and turn the temperature down on the pan. Add the wine, redcurrant jelly, honey and bay leaf to the pan and bring to the boil. Simmer this until the volume has reduced by half and the sauce has a sweet and sticky consistancy. This should take about the same amount of time as the meat needs to rest. 

Slice the meat and return to the pan and turn a few times to cover in the sauce and heat through. Serve drizzled with the sauce. 

I served this with some carrots purreed with 1 tsp of butter and some mash direct potato cakes and it was a delicious and indulgent dinner which went down very nicely with my lovely boyfriend as well. 

These mash direct potato cakes are delicious and really reasonably propointed. You get one for 3pp and two for 7pp.  I had the extra propoints to use so I had two of them, but they are a good size and one would be enough on most occasions. They have a few other products that I am hoping to try and propoint, but a great brand and a very tasty potato cake!


  1. Ahh wow that looks delicious. Where did you buy your Venison steak from? x

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