Monday, June 17, 2013

The next 10k.....

As I have mentioned a good few times I am determined to get fit. My bootcamp membership ran out 2 weeks ago just before the mini marathon and they were closed for the week after. The few days after the run I was itching to get back to something but I just couldn't find the motivation. They opened again last Saturday but as I was in Kinsale that meant I had to put it off again. Things have been absolutely manic this week and that means I still have not gone back. I felt very guilty and so on Wednesday night I signed up for the Docklands 10k. 

Since then I have not done much more. A lot has been happening (which I will hopefully be able to go into in a later post) but my stress levels have been high, and like clockwork my sleeping is all over the place and so I just haven't had the time. I did get out for a short run yesterday with my Dad. Well he walked and I jogged circles around him on the way to the park and then he sat while myself and the dogs did laps of the running track. He's never really seen me doing anything active - any sports days he may have attended when I was younger would have seen  me entering the 3 legged race, the walking race and coming last in everything! So it was nice to hear him telling my mum how great I was after - even if it was just a short jog. 

I like running but I find it hard to get the motivation to go out on my own. I am also intimidated by running groups - would hate to be the slowest one. So my plan is to keep up the bootcamp classes and sign up for regular races to keep me motivated towards my running. I would love to complete a half marathon but I need to really get better at this to even think about it! 

I will update with a list of races I plan on doing this year but until Thursday my focus in the Docklands!  I would love to get a personal best for it, but I really have not put the work in so I won't be surprised if I don't.

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  1. Well done on signing up for your next 10K. I have my next one coming up on Saturday. I actually think I prefer to go our running on my own as I'm not holding anyone up nor is anything holding me back. You have no excuses when it's just yourself and the road.

    In terms of getting motivation to go out and run, I find the Nike Running App brilliant as you can set yourself targets (like 50k/month) and it'll colour your progress. Also friends leaderboards are very motivating just to beat them - only for them to go out and knock you off the top stop the following day. Its a great motivator.