Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weigh In 47

It's only been a few days since my last weigh in post, but I managed to find a meeting today so I could face up to the damage done over the weekend. Can you imagine my shock when I look at the scales and all I saw was a gain of half a pound. There are only a few explanations for this miniscule gain -to be fair after the blowout I had then I would have been lucky with 2lbs up.
So here is my logic behind how I escaped devastation!

  • The day and time of day has affected my weigh in. We all know our weight fluctuates on different days and times which is why it is recommended to weigh in every week on the same day and roughly the same time. Maybe I just weigh a couple of pounds less on a Thursday lunch than I do on Tuesday evening. 
  • Last week I had a STS when I was expecting a loss - my good week from the previous week may be showing now and counteracted the bad weekend. 
  • I wasn't as bad as I thought I was. (to be honest I do not think this is the case but I am just throwing it out there. 
  • My real gain is delayed and will show on my next weigh in. 
  • My body just freaked out this week and decided to be nice to me. 
So now I am back on track 100% to try and make sure that I can hopefully show any sort of loss next tuesday. The plan is not to eat any weeklies (or as few as possible) and no booze as a bit of a detox. Only 2 more weigh ins until Christmas - wanna make them count!

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