Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weigh In 46

I sit here on Sunday night after a weekend of more eating that I think I have done in over a year!! I have been too busy to post all week and things have just gotten on top of me. Tuesdays WI was a very undeserved STS and I was so disappointed. I had been so good, not eaten all my weeklies, stayed off the drink and been really organised and all I wanted was to see some sort of loss. I knew what I had in store for me this weekend and I needed to see a good result on tuesday.
I guess it wasn't meant to be, it really has cemented in my mind how hard these last pounds are going to be.

So this week around has been impossible - and the worst part is I can't make my WI on Tuesday, I have a small procedure in the hospital (nothing serious) but I won't be up to the hour drive to my class. I am going to try find a meeting to go to on wednesday/monday night nearer my house instead just so the damage is recorded and I can have a clean slate for next week.

I have to say despite how much of a disaster the weekend has been it was well worth it. Friday night was my sisters 25th birthday and we went out for dinner to Fade St Social, Dylan McGraths new place. I was really looking forward to this but unfortunately it did not live up to our expectations. The food was all ridiculously indulgent, there was nothing you could call light on the menu. I knew this in advance and was prepared to blow out on the propoints but it was too much, there was nothing to cut the heaviness of the dishes. The staff were all lovely and friendly and that was the best thing about the place but our food took forever. We were seated just after 9, got our starters just after 10 and our mains after 11. And my mum had to send her main back for being over cooked. All in all the night was great, but more for the company of my family and I wouldn't be rushing back to eat again. I would go back for the AMAZING cocktails though. Best cocktails ever.

Moving on from my impromptu restaurant review, yesterday was my friend's son's 3rd birthday part, so there was sandwiches, pizza and cake everywhere which of course I ate! Then when the kids went off to their grandparents, the adults started on the beer. First time in months I have had a night on the beer (corona light, but with everything else I doubt that made a difference). It was such a great day though I do not regret the blowout at all (wait until I see the scales though)

Finally today was my boyfriend's nephew's naming/welcome to the world/non-christening party. Food all brought in from avoca and there was lots of it. Am sooo stuffed but again it was a great day and I don't regret it. I also hadn't seen some of his family for a long time, and a few of them didn't recognise me because of the weight loss, so I got LOADS of compliments and felt pretty great.

I feel like a beached whale now, but weekends like this happen in life, and if I have put on a couple of pounds this week they will come off again. The key is to get back on track and move on from it. And that is exactly what I am doing!

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