Friday, December 21, 2012

Weigh In 47 & 48

Well the silly season is upon us and so I have been a bit AWOL from this. Between work, parties and Christmas shopping I haven't even been near my computer in about a week. So here is a double update.

From my last weigh in update, I was completely relieved to have been only up half a pound and so was extremely good that week to be sure it wasn't a false reading, and to make up for it if it was. And my hard work paid off and I was down a pound. Its not a lot but it brought me back to where I was the
week I got my 50lb cert. This time of year is so hard to lose weight, and once I hit the 50lbs I had decided I would be happy if I was able to maintain this at the very least. The problem is, once that WI was over it was like a switch went off in my mind and I just took a flying leap off the weight watcher wagon. All I could do is eat, and not just eat, but eat all the time and all the wrong foods and until I felt sick. It was so tempting to miss my last weigh in before christmas, in my head I knew I had been up. I reasoned and thought that if I don't go this week whats to stop me from not going back in January? I knew what I had done and I didn't see the point in avoiding the reality of it. All it would actually do is be hiding it from others, and I'm not doing this for them so I went and faced it for myself!

I was prepared for a 2lbs gain, even though I thought I easily deserved more, 2 was the highest it could be. So can you imagine my surprise when there was a big fat 0 on the scales. My own little christmas miracle. The only thing I can think was that my tag rugby match that week was extra tough and I did lots of running, my kettlebells class nearly killed me and I was doing loads of extra walking doing my christmas shopping. Whatever it was, relief does not even begin to describe how I felt.

I am now going to enjoy my christmas, be good on the days I can but when I am out I will have fun but make wiser choices. I will try to post a little bit more over the season - I was thinking of a What I Ate Today post for Christmas Day and a year review including some photos of my progress throughout the year!!

I hope everyone who reads this has a wonderful Christmas and New Year! And here's to 2013 being my Goal year!!!

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