Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weigh In 29

I have had a busy week this week. It was my birthday which meant all the celebrations were happening. First of all was the actual birthday dinner - chose something relatively healthy but my absolute favourite and we had sushi. The naughty side was the chocolate cake and all the wine. More than worth it and if you can't have a treat on your birthday then when can you.

Then friday came around and it was my turn to host book club. I did pretty well to keep it WW friendly and made WW recipes for both dinner and dessert and had healthy snacks. Had a couple of glasses of wine but all in all very well behaved.

Saturday was my boyfriends turn to treat me and he took me out to the Greenhouse for an AMAZING 3 course lunch. Very fancy so the portion sizes were pretty small (but incredible). Had no idea how to point it so I guessed but enjoyed every single moment of it.

I thought that would be it, I thought I had it all under control and within my weeklies but then I found out my cousins were visiting from Bulgaria which meant another meal out on monday. I did my very best to keep enough pp and made the best choices that I could.

Now you can imagine my surprise when I jumped on the scales expecting a STS at best and saw I was down 2lbs. In restrospect in between all of these meals I was to the letter with everything, saving as much as I could on treat days to use with my weeklies and eating really good food. And even the treats I had (apart from the dessert) were all really good quality food and the best choices I could make (a lot of white fish). So it just goes to show you can treat your self and make all the right choices and still lose weight. Am delighted. Have a 3 day music festival with camping this weekend. A lot harder to make healthier choices. Not making excuses and going to work as hard as I can to keep on top of this and hopefully minimize the damage next week. Onwards and downwards!

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  1. Don't you love it when that happens? Obviously there's always going to be those special days, family gatherings, surprise events, etc., but even when you don't stick the healthiEST stuff I think in the back of our minds we still make healthy-ISH choices. I LOVE IT (: