Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weigh In 26

No loss this week, big fat 0 on the scales. Pretty happy with that, one too many vodka and burger king on saturday night probably had an awful lot to do with it. I most definitely went over my weeklies between friday and saturday so a 0 is welcome sight.

I have upped the ante a little this week and cracked out my wrist and ankle weights to make the most of my walks to and from the dart in the morning. I look like a bit of an idiot in them, especially when I am sitting on the dart - but I'm ok with that. It was tough going today on the way home because with the sun out it was HOT! Definitely felt the difference which can only be a good thing. I'm also hopefully going to hit the gym  this week. Have 2 months until my membership is over and I will not be renewing, but I do want to try get back into it to make it at least worth something for the last 2 months. Exercise is the one thing I find difficult to get motivated for - I don't mind going out walking but anything more strenuous is a struggle. So thats my challenge this week! 

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