Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weigh In 27

I'm a bit behind again this week. Have been all over the place, but I am happy to report that I was down another pound. I find myself starting to lose my will power at times a little - most of the time I am fine, but especially when others are indulging I just want to be able to have what I want when I want. Which is what got me in the position I was in January. So its time to revisit the mini goals I set back in April and get myself motivated and back on track! So I exceeded the previous targets I set for myself - and I felt they were totally reasonable.
So now its time to set targets for the next few. I don't want to set a target for goal yet - I think thats setting myself up for failure. But maybe the next 4 milestones. I have to keep in mind that the closer I get to goal the slower this is going to be, but hopefully these are reasonable enough.

  • 2nd stone - 3lbs away. Target: June bank holiday Reached: May 16th
  • 15% body weight loss- 5lbs away. Target: Mid June Reached: May 16th
  • 11stone bracket - 7lbs away. Target: July Reached: June 13th
  • 5th silver 7 - 10lbs away. Target: August. Reached: June 26th
  • 20% body weight loss - 3.5lbs away Target: August Bank Holiday
  • 3rd stone - 5.5lbs away Target: end of August
  • 10 stone bracket - 9.5lbs away Target: Mid september
  • 7th silver 7 - 12.5lbs away Target: First week October
  • 4th stone - 19.5lbs away
  • GOAL - 23lbs away
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