Monday, June 25, 2012

Weigh In 24

This update is a little bit late - life got in the way of my blogging as I had a few busy evenings last night. But I was a little bit worried about my WI, I had used nearly all my weeklies and done my usual exercise - but since I had lost so much the week before I wasn't sure if I would see the results. Up on the scales I go and down another pound I go. Delighted with it. Am comfortably in the 11's and only 1.5lb from my 5th silver seven. I've had a pretty good week this week, used every single weekly but I've made good choices with what I've used them on for the most part. Also I'm feeling good about myself, which is pretty motivating in itself.

So in the spirit of that I have decided to dispel the anonymity and post a couple of before and over halfway there photos. The before ones are a little older than January, I had to trawl facebook for them as all my photos are not on this computer.

So this is me last August - I actually have no idea what I weighed here but it may have been more than my starting weight in january, I cant be sure. Its not the most flattering angle but its prob best as you really can't hide just how big I am in this. 

This is a close up of my face last october. Again not sure how much I weighed here but it was prob around what I was when I joined.
This is a close up of my face taken on friday at Westlife. So pretty recent.

And these two were taken about 20 mins ago when I was doing my weekly wardrobe check to see what fits. Still have my pot belly and love handles to lose (as well as a bit more) but I'm definitely on the way. 


  1. Hi, you look amazing!! Well done! I've reached the 11's as of today! I have 7lbs more to go to goal and from what i can see in the mirror it's all hanging around my belly!!

  2. Aw thanks! The 11's is such a great feeling and it must be so good to be so close to goal, so well done. I find that the place you want to lose it most from it sticks around the longest but we'll get there eventually. Keep up the good work :-)