Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weigh In 14

So as you can tell from the picture I got my third silver 7 this week! Am down 2 more pounds which brings the grand total up to 22.5lbs. Every single week I am surprised by my losses, I keep expecting the bubble to burst or something. But I am sticking to my propoints, tracking everything that goes into my mouth and drinking lots of water. So I guess if I keep to it as rigorously as I have been then hopefully it will keep working. 

This week is going to be fun, am heading for a night away on saturday night which means a dinner out and lots of drinking. I want to enjoy it but I also want a loss next tuesday. The plan is to be extra vigilant every other day and not have a single weekly propoint so I have them all for saturday night. I was also planning on doing some extra exercise for the week but I have done my back in which means I can't make the gym. It does seem to be getting better, and I have decided to ditch the car in favour of walking to and from the dart station every morning. That means I am doing roughly an hour walking every week day (slowly today because of the back so a little longer) which hopefully will help too. My mini marathon training is non existent so as soon as my back is better I might give the couch to 5k ago - if I can even run 5k of it I will be happy!

Only 5.5 more pounds to go for my next stone! Onwards and downwards :-)

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