Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter/Passover

As we all know long weekends always pose the biggest challenges and this weekend is the worst as a 4 day weekend with easter so lots of temptations on offer.

I guess I am slightly lucky in that I am Jewish and this year passover starts today. For Passover, starting sundown this evening, I can't have any grains for the next 7 days. So no bread, wraps, pasta, crackers, flour - and pretty much most processed foods tend to have some sort grain in them as an added ingredients. So usually when I manage to stick to that 100% its an easier week for weight loss. However tonight there is a big Seder dinner where there will be lots of food, so I have to reign myself in a bit and make sure that I eat really slowly so I don't over eat. However I think the dinner will be easier than the usual Good Friday parties that are on, where there is lots of junk food and alcohol.

There will still be temptation. I've always celebrated easter with my non jewish family too though I stopped getting easter eggs when I was about 12. But there is always chocolate EVERYWHERE! I think the key to this is to allow yourself some, don't deprive yourself completely otherwise you will just crave it more. And know the propoints in what you are eating before you eat it. Its never a good idea to eat and then point - recipe for disaster right there.

Also going to avoid drinking for the weekend, trying to cut back in general to save both money and propoints. And I need to get back into the routine of exercise again. Once this post is done I'm going to go to the gym for the first time in about a month. I have been sticking so rigidly to my propoints that I have still had losses everyweek. But the mini marathon is sneaking up on me so need to get training again! 

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