Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: June Week 2

I missed last weeks meal plan. I had been in London for the Bank Holiday weekend and by the time I got home on Monday I was exhausted and just felt like I was playing catch up for the week. I also skipped my weigh in last Thursday. I had gone all out over the weekend and couldn't get myself back into routine until Wednesday after coming back, so I knew I was going to gain and I just couldn't face it. I had lost half a pound the previous week which had bought me back to 5lbs from goal, so my next weigh in will be free. I didn't really want to have to go back to paying so quickly so I skipped it.

I had a great weekend in London. We went over for a music festival on the Saturday and had decided to make a weekend of it. The weather was amazing and I have to say I felt great for the weekend. I have been working on accepting my body for how it looks and not focusing on every single lump and bump I have. Even at goal my goal weight they are still their and I will never have a 'perfect' body. There have been a few instagram accounts I have been following lately that have been highlighting the ridiculous photoshopping and editing that goes on on social media. Now don't get me wrong I always knew that it was happening, but the extent of it is absolutely eye opening. An account called 'celeb face' does animations of the unedited and edited of so many celebs and models, and its incredible. 
In my playsuit! 
So self love is high on my list of priorities right now. I have always hated my thighs; they are large at the top, have cellulite and are completely untoned/jiggle when I walk. So shorts have been something I've never really loved. I was ok while standing still, but if I saw myself moving or looked down when sitting it just made me feel awful. But over the past few weeks when the weather has been warm I have been wearing my shorts and feeling great. My legs haven't changed in how they look, but they are mine and I need to accept them. They do a lot for me and if its hot out why shouldn't I dress for the heat. And to be honest nobody else is looking as closely at them as I was. I even went so far as to buy myself a playsuit for the festival, something I never thought I would have the courage to wear but I LOVED it, and I felt fab for the day. 

I stopped comparing how my body looked to everyone around me, and just went out and about and enjoyed myself. Life is for living, and while part of the reason I lost weight was to feel better about how I looked, I'll never be perfect. So now my focus is on ensuring my clothes fit comfortably so I don't need to buy new ones and that I am healthy. I'll always want to look my best, but I don't need to pick myself apart. 

This weekend I found myself falling deeper into old habits. I started out fine on Friday, but as soon as I got home it all went down hill.After lunch time on Friday all tracking went out the window until this morning. I need to get myself back to a place where I am paying more attention to what I am eating at the weekend. I can still have my treats and a few drinks, but I need to be more mindful and not just eat for the sake of it.

Any of you that follow me on my social media account will know I have been struggling with my running and felt a little at my wits end. I sought out some advice and found myself a proper training plan that I can stick to between now and the rock and roll half marathon and hopefully find a way to get back to enjoying my running. The main focus for the moment is varying the pace and types of  runs. I need to stop just going out and trying to go as fast as I can. I am also going to do 15 mins of yoga or pilates on the days I don't run in a hope that I can increase my flexibility and work a few other muscle areas. It's also a nice start to the day. 

Meal plan done for the week, back to weigh in on Thursday so need to really work to undo whatever damage was done in London and from my lack of tracking at the weekend.