Monday, May 28, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: May Week 5

May has been a bit of a manic month for me. I've been busy in work, had very busy weekends, I was sick and as I mentioned in my last post I was completely preoccupied with the run up to the referendum on repealing the 8th. I got myself involved and tried to give as much time as I could to canvassing (though not nearly as much time as I would have liked). I was worried but in the end Ireland has shown to be a country of good people who believe in the safety and rights of our women. 

So now I need to get myself back to normal. It hasn't all been bad, I have still lost 2 pounds over the few weeks of May. Not the best result but it is all going in the right direction. I have found myself slipping back into old weekend habits and I am starting to lose the run of myself a little bit. The past couple of weekends I haven't been tracking from Friday to Mondays again and while its not been all out binging I need to reign myself back in. 

This weekend we are off to London for 4 days, and I am going to be realistic about it. I won't be tracking for the weekend. I am going to try and make good choices and do as much walking as possible, but it is a weekend away. We have a nice meal booked, heading to a music festival on Saturday and then 2 more days of sightseeing and chilling out. I over indulged a little this weekend, being very hungover on Sunday did not help things but I have 4 days to get myself back on track and try and lose something on Thursday before London. 

Keeping it a bit simple with my meal plan this week so I have no excuses not to stay on plan! 

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