Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: July Week 3

For the first week in a long time, last week I felt properly in control. Things were still fairly stressful in work, but instead of allowing the stress to consume every part of my life I made a conscious effort to concentrate on being good to myself and try to leave the stress at work. I focused on my meal plans and enjoying my time away from the office more than I have been over the past couple of weeks. 

And it worked! Not only did I lose 2lbs but I feel a lot more myself. I had a half day on Friday as we headed to Fleet Foxes and decided to make a night of it! It was amazing, I used up all my weeklies and just had a fantastic time. I also just felt myself properly relax for the rest of the weekend and it felt wonderful. This morning was the first time in ages I wasn't dreading going in to work. 

So I am back in the game and even though I have a busy week ahead of me with a meal out, my Birthday tomorrow and family BBQ and drinks on Saturday to celebrate. But despite all my plans I am confident that I can stay on plan and keep the momentum going! Best of luck for the week ahead.

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