Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In July Week 2

I'm a little late again this week, I've a bit of a cold at the  moment and yesterday I just had no energy by the time I got home from work. My stress has not really reduced but I feel like I am managing it a little better and feel like I can finally get my head back in the game properly. I've been messing around for far too long, and its not helping anything. Knowing I am letting my health slip back is just adding to my stress. 

I may have mentioned that my work has arranged 12 weeks of HIIT classes for us and last week the trainer took our measurements to work out our body fat percentage. We will be measured again at the end of the 12 weeks so that we can see some real improvements. Even after that I still didn't think I was ready to face the scales.

Something changed overnight though. I woke up on Thursday morning and decided that enough was enough. I knew my clothes weren't fitting me and I was just avoiding wearing things. Living in dresses and leggings to try and fool myself into thinking everything was fine. So when I got up on Thursday I jumped straight on the scales and faced the music. I was 11 pounds over my goal weight, which to be honest is not as bad as I was expecting but obviously not great. I also took some body measurements and have started a new journal with all these numbers recorded. Since Thursday I have tracked every single mouthful. 

My friend is getting married in September, and I would really like to be able to wear something I already have in my wardrobe - but I will need to get back to a lot closer to my goal weight for any of it to fit me comfortably. I also have the Rock N Roll half marathon in 5 weeks, and I think a lot of the trouble I have been having with my training has been down to my diet being so bad. So my focus is on the half marathon and the wedding. 

It's not going to be easy, as I have a lot of social events over the next few weeks, but I think I am focused enough to carry me through!

This weeks meal plan is up, keeping things nice and simple this week and trying to utilise leftovers to make up for my lack of meal prep this weekend. I will get back to that soon. Relevant recipes for this week can be found in the links below:

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