Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: February Week 3

Last week I wasn't sure how my weigh in was going to go. I had gone completely off track the previous weekend and while I managed to get back to it on Monday I wasn't sure it would be enough. Weigh in came around on Thursday and I was surprised to be down 1.5lbs. Thinking about it though, I had missed my weigh in the week before after having a great week, so I think it was that showing more than anything. 

Since then I have been all over the place. I was out on Friday night with my mum and my sister to go see Dirty Dancing in the Bord Gas Energy Theatre and then out for dinner and drinks. It was a fantastic night and always lovely having a bit of a girls night out, but I drank like a fish and I am pretty sure I used up more than my allocation of weeklies. I woke up hungover the next day, skipped my run and proceeded to enjoy another day off plan. 

We stayed in for the rugby and a few beers were consumed (corona light in my defense) as well as plenty of snacks and nibbles. We had also decided to take advantage of M&S's valentines dine in for 2 deal and went on to have a lovely romantic night in. Starters, main course, dessert & chocolates all washed down with some rose cava, red wine and of course some gin. Waking up on Sunday with my 2nd hangover in a row was not great. I had a lovely night on Saturday, but I am really not able for 2 days of heavy drinking any more. 

I had a bad day on Sunday, my anxiety started to flare up and between that and the hangover it wasn't good. I had no motivation to do anything at all and instead just sat around on the couch grazing on snacky food for the day. I then went to my parents for dinner and ate far too much there as well. It wasn't any better on Monday and I had another day without tracking anything I ate. I tried my best to make healthy choices but it just didn't happen. 

My boyfriend made a comment about how I had skipped a few runs lately and could that have been contributing to the anxiety, and he was right. I hadn't run since last wednesday, and it really does help focus my mind and keep the anxiety under control. Its not a cure all, but missing the running did not help me cope at all. So I knew no matter what I had to be out on the roads again this morning, and I was. 

It definitely helped with my state of mind, but I still seem to be missing my motivation for all things tracking. I have been eating healthy meals, but what is going on in between is not great and I'm being a bit liberal with servings sizes. I can recognise all the things I am doing wrong but I just can't seem to address them. I did my meal plan on Saturday, and got the shopping in, but it feels like there are just too many treats around and I have no self control! I'm working towards getting back on track fully, but I will be lucky to survive weigh in this week. I have another couple of things on this weekend which will make it tricky enough, but I am hoping I have got my control back by then!! 

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