Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: Feb Week 4

I don't really know what happened last week, but as anyone who follows my facebook or instagram might know, I seemed to get worse and worse the closer it got to weigh in. So I can hardly be surprised when weigh in came around and I gained 3lbs!! My body can gain a lot of weight really easily in a short space of time and it seems to get worse the older I get. I faced the music anyway, and started my new week as soon as I walked out of that weigh in. 

I woke up on Friday ready to get going for my new week and I did pretty well. I was out for dinner that night and drank a lot, but I made the best choices I could with the menu. I woke up on Saturday with a well deserved hangover, but instead of eating it away I went out for a 25 minute run and had a healthy, cooked breakfast. I did meet my friends for afternoon tea on Sunday, but I went for an 8km run before hand, and didn't gorge myself on the sweet stuff. I got up to my parents house, and despite the fact they were having a Roast Beef dinner with all the trimmings, I made myself a lovely salad and topped it with some roast beef - no potatoes, gravy, cauliflower & cheese sauce or yorkshire puddings for me. 

Because I was meeting friends I didn't get a chance to meal prep yesterday, so this morning I woke up and threw together some salads to take to work so I wasn't tempted to have something unhealthy again. I am back in the zone again and feeling good again. It's amazing the affect my eating has on my mood - I would love to get to a stage where it doesn't but I genuinely think that it will be this way my whole life. 

Something exciting happened this week though. I hit 5,000 likes over on my facebook page. I am absolutely blown away by it. I am still shocked people are interested in my little blog and the posts I make on social media. As way of a little thank you I will be running a little giveaway on there, so if you haven't already, check it out to be in with a chance!

Meal plan is done and I'm all set for the week. I have another tricky weekend ahead of me. Heading over to a friends house on Friday night and then out for Afternoon Tea & drinks for the Rugby on Saturday. I plan to have a healthy dinner before I go out on Friday and then save a couple of points to bring some healthy snacks with me to my friends - that way I can keep all my weeklies for Saturday. I am also going to keep pushing the distance on my runs, I have a 10km in 2 weeks so need to buckle down and get as much training done as possible. Have another recipe to post this Friday, and experimenting with 2 new recipes this week to hopefully post over the next couple of weeks. Have one recipe from the archives on the menu, my Fish Pie for 10 SmartPoints, give it a go! 

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