Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: September Week 2

I have not been a very good blogger, or a very good weight watchers since before Electric Picnic. I had a week off work last week and when I got back from Electric Picnic had great plans to catch up on my blogging, eat 100% on plan and get lots of running done. None of that happened. I ended up getting sick for most of my week off. Unsurprisingly I gained weight this week, 1 pound. Adding to the pound and a half I gained the week before I am getting closer and closer to being outside my 5lb range of goal. The summer can be a bit of a nightmare for weightloss. There is so much on that it can be hard to keep focus, and for most of the summer while I wasn't perfect I managed to pick myself up and be good on week days at least.

I can feel my clothes starting to get a bit tighter, and while its not noticeable in the mirror yet if I keep it going I'll be seeing it soon enough too. So this week its back to tracking everything 100%. Have a couple of things to contend with between now and Saturday's weigh in but nothing that should throw me off too much.

This week I am also going to commit to spending a bit more time on the blog. I have 3 new recipes waiting to be posted (plus trying another new one this week) and I have the long long overdue post on my packed lunches to do. So I will be posting at least 2 posts each week until I am caught up - my usual meal plan and one more. I will get back into my good habits before I lose the run of things altogether.

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