Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stuffed Mini Peppers!

A couple of weeks ago Tesco had mini sweet peppers on special and so I decided to buy them and try something new. These were so good they will be making a regular appearance in this house as long as these peppers are in season. They were perfect on the side with a nice summery dinner but would equally be brilliant as a starter or finger food when entertaining, or part of a summer BBQ buffet. I'ts only 4pp for the whole recipe, and it can serve 2-4 as a side for dinner, or more as part of a bigger spread.

Smartpoints: 5sp for whole recipe on both plans
Propoints: 4pp for whole recipe
1 pack of mini sweet peppers (8/10 peppers)
Half a tub of philidelphia extra light
25g low low red chedder
1 garlic clove crushed
small bunch of chives chopped
salt & pepper

Preheat the oven to 200C. Half the peppers and carefully remove the seeds leaving the stalk in tact. Spread over an oven tray and roast for 8 minutes until just starting to soften a little. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool on the tray.

Meanwhile grate your cheddar, you want to use small grates to make this go further. Mix this with the philidelphia, garlic & chives and season well.

When the peppers are cooled, stuff each half with some mixture and put back in the oven for 10-12 minutes until the peppers are fully cooked and the filling is hot through.

Serve immediately and enjoy :-)

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