Monday, May 11, 2015

May Madness!!

It's nearly half way through the year and I don't know about you, but I am in need of some extra motivation!! There seems to be so much on lately, I'm finding the weekends a struggle. I seem to have one weekend on track and one weekend off track! 12 weeks to my holiday and I am in exactly the same position I was when I posted last about it! So I've reached out to  a couple of family members who have had great success with their own weight loss journeys! There is nothing like a success story to help spur you on a little.

I've always been a Weight Watchers follower, I've never needed to try anything else because Weight Watchers has always worked for me. But I know not everyone has had success with it. There are a huge number of reasons why people may not have success with the Weight Loss program they follow; but the only real failure is giving up for good and accepting the unhappiness and possible illhealth your weight may cause you. I was a serial joiner, I had success and then lost it again....but I never fully gave up on my goal and always found my way back. So if Weight Watchers doesn't work for you there are so many other plans out there to follow, and my 2 guest posters have found their way with other Weight Loss groups: Unislim and Slimming World.

This week my baby sister will be treating us to a bit of insight into her Journey with Slimming World. She has lost a huge amount both on her own and with Slimming World and she is still working hard to get to her goal weight. My sister is one of my best friends and I could not be more proud of everything she has done! She is always a source of motivation and support for me when I need it and hopefully I have done the same for her!

My gorgeous cousin will then be giving us her story. She has lost an amazing  5 and a half stone with Unislim and was chosen as an entrant to the Unislimmer of the Year and was featured as a Unislim success story in the RTE guide. Watching her transformation throughout her journey has been absolutely inspiring!

And finally to roundoff May, I have decided to run my first giveaway! I'll give more details closer to the time, but I am very excited about my first giveaway! 

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