Sunday, September 28, 2014

Christmas Challenge: Weigh In 2

Another great week under my belt, my tracking app must not know whats hit it. I have 14 fully tracked days under my belt which if I am being honest is probably the most consecutive full tracked days in about 2 years. It is most definitely paying off, more than I imagined. I was shocked to find I was down a further 3 lbs this week. I had not expected 2 huge losses in a row. I am only 2 weeks into my challenge and already over halfway to my goal. Now I am sure I gained a lot of the extra weight in a very short period of time which may explain why it has come off so quickly and I really do not expect it to continue.

However I am delighted as getting back to my goal weight in time for Christmas is looking more and more achievable each day. I know have a little wiggle room for a week or so where I may STS which is fine by me!

I have had a few moments of temptation this week, but have managed to remember that it is just a fleeting craving and by not giving in straight away I realised I do not need it. Taking just a couple of minutes to think about what it is you actually want is a really effective tool for dealing with cravings. I obviously still had treats over the week, used all of my weeklies, but I didn't waste them on things I did not really want. There is nothing worse than the feeling of regret when you have used a shedload of propoints on something that was not at all satisfying. 

Three months to go now until Christmas, how are you all getting on? The time is going to fly in and we'll be celebrating with a Christmas Cracker before we know it. As fast as its going to go we can achieve a lot. People got off to a flying start last week so lets keep the momentum going! 

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