Monday, July 28, 2014

Checking In

I have one hell of a couple of weeks. I am now officially OLD....ok well maybe not old but I have hit my 30's. And despite my initial freak outs, I think I've taken it in my stride. On top of that I had a fantastic birthday spent with my family and friends. There has been a little bit too much celebrating going on and its time to reign it in A LOT! Its not over yet, I have a special bank holiday weekend coming up, heading for a romantic night down in The Cliff House in Waterford. This was myself and Conor's birthday present to ourselves, and it will be 2 days of delicious food and I am going to enjoy every mouthful. I have not gotten back on track fully since my birthday and I am up a couple of pounts, so with only 3 days to go before Cliff House what do I do?

It would be so easy to just keep going the way I have been, I mean what is the point. I am  not going to lose the weight I have gained this so why bother trying....right?? That would have been my attitude in the past and I know what would have happened. I would have gained even more weight this week and its just a slippery slope to 14 stone again. Instead I am going to take these 3 days and eat as clean as possible. Its not going to be easy, I have some late nights in work ahead of me, but I am prepared. I have enough Filling & Healthy food in work to keep me going, and there is only just enough food in the house for healthy dinners for the next couple of days.

And despite the late nights in work I am keeping the running up. Last Thursday when my alarm went off, I rolled over and said too myself 'i'll go after work'. It took less than 30 seconds for me to realise that I was lying to myself and I dragged myself out of bed and hit the road. I am feeling great again about my running, I pushed through my slump and am almost back to where I was pre mini marathon. There is 2 months to go to the Half Marathon and I am feeling good about it. No matter how much I don't want to go running, I always feel great after it. 

In other very exciting news, I have been long listed in 3 different categories this year. So a big thank you to everyone who nominated me! Things have been so busy that I have been relying on old favourite recipes to get me through, but I have been missing experimenting in the kitchen so I will be aiming to have a new recipe up here over the next week! 

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