Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Roundup!

April came and went before I could even take notice! The older I get the faster the months go by and I am afraid if I blink it will be New Years! I suppose I should look on the positive side of things, I have completed another month of training and I am definitely getting fitter and stronger. There is no going back for me now!

Lets take a look back and see where I stood at the end of March. For March my stats were as follows:
  • I ran a total of 118km 
  • My average pace was 6:31min per km
  • I burned roughly 8175 calories
  • My furthest distance was 11.3km
Now lets take a look to see how things have improved for April

  • I ran a total of 131.35km
  • My average pace was 6:09min per km
  • I burned roughly 8863 calories
  • My furthest distance was 12.9km which I ran twice. 

I'm feeling really good about things, there are times I still dread the idea of going running but I am not giving up now. I missed one scheduled run this month but I made up for it on a rest day the following week.  I have been concentrating a lot on improving my distance this month and while that is still important for the next 4 weeks I want to focus on  my speed. I am feeling confident about getting the sub 60minute 10km time in June I so crave, and while I would be happy with 59minutes 59 seconds, in reality if I can get comfortably under the 60 minute mark then I will be ready for a new goal. 

I have also taken the plunge, I have officially signed up for the Galway Bay Half Marathon in October! I am both terrified and excited at the idea of actually completing this. I managed to complete 14.5km on Sunday and I am gearing up for a massive 16.5km in 2 weeks time so I feel like I am on track for getting there. Now I am registered I have something to keep my mind focused for the summer and keep me out on the roads. I am most likely going to freak out about this numerous times over the coming months but as long as keep running throughout I will be happy.

Food wise things have been a bit all over the place this month. Due to lack of organisation and dedication to the plan my weight has been up and down a bit. I spent a lot of April just outside my 5lb grace weight that weight watchers give you. I am finally back just inside that but I want to get focused again and get back to my goal weight. I think the best way for this is Filling & Healthy. I just need to be a lot more disciplined. I tend to allow my cheat days to last 1-3 days instead which is clearly not working for me. I feel better when I follow filling and healthy and it gives me the flexibility to eat a little bit more to fuel my runs without thinking about activity points. I just need to curb back the weekend splruges and that is my focus for May. 

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