Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Progress!

Can you believe its April already? Where has the year gone! March absolutely flew by but I am really happy with my progress so far. I am yet to miss a scheduled training run which I am so proud of. This is the longest consistent training I have done and I am feeling like I can achieve my running goals this year. In another couple of weeks I will be ready to sign up for my very first half marathon in October. I want to get at least one 14k run under my belt before I actually sign up but I am quietly confident. If anyone has ever done the Galway Bay Half Marathon I would love to hear how you found it.

But back to the right now. What have I achieved in April!

  • I went out running 18 times.
  • I ran a total of 118km
  • This took me 12hrs 50 minutes
  • My average pace for the month is 6:31 per km
  • I have burned roughly 8,175 calories
  • I completed my longest ever non-stop run, 11.3km last Sunday
No fastest pace yet, still need to catch up on last year! 

I am still loving my morning runs, the roads are so quiet you feel like its just you and the roads. I don't have to wait on traffic when I need to cross the road and there are there aren't as many people to dodge on the paths. In saying that my weekend runs are usually a little later because I like my lie ins. This Sunday I was out at 9am and I went up to the Phoenix Park and it was my favourite run yet. It was just early enough that there were a good few people in the park, but most of them we're fellow runners or people walking their dogs. There seems to be a nice bit of camaraderie in the air that I hadn't noticed on my earlier or later runs. Runners give a nod and a smile as they pass and it's definitely encouraging. It did help that the weather on Sunday morning was clear and crisp and all the deer were out which is always a nice bonus. I am already looking forward to my Sunday morning 11.3k.

I was going to sign up for the Great Ireland Run this Sunday but I missed the deadline for online registration, and while I can sign up if I head out to Blanchardstown this weekend, it is a lot of hassle so I am just going to do my own thing this week.

I have been a bit neglectful of my diet. I am basically great Monday to Friday but have been using the running as an excuse and have lost the run of myself at the weekend. It was going ok until this weekend and I hopped up on the scales to see I am up a whopping 4lbs! No more weekends off for Zoe! Back on it with a vengeance! 

Hope you are all having a good week :-)

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