Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Let's Go April

We are well into April now and things are going better and better for me! I have been putting a bit more focus back into my food while not slacking at all on the running. I have decided to up my daily propoints to 29 per day. I worked out the calories I was eating per day and for all the running I was doing they were very low, I was trying to compensate by eating my activity points but I would be eating things without tracking properly and not using them as wisely as possible. Also by upping my propoints I can fit a little more healthy fat and protein into my diet while keeping a decent amount of carbs to fuel my running. What I am trying to cut out again is the processed foods. I need to go back to tracking my weekends properly as I think this is where I really fall down.

My pace on my jogs is getting gradually better and yesterday I hit the stride I will need for the Mini Marathon to get my sub 60 minute goal. I only did 8k the other day but there is still almost 2 months to be able to keep that pace up for the full 10k. I'm even getting excited about the idea of the half Marathon in October (which I will sign up for this week). My last aim is to get into the gym and do some weights on my non running day, I can feel my fitness improve but I really need to tone and build a bit of upper body strength. 

Brief update today but I will be back tomorrow with a new recipe so watch this space! 

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